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 Soul Resonance, Let's Go!

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Resonance, Let's Go!   Soul Resonance, Let's Go! - Page 7 EmptySat Jan 06, 2018 5:07 pm

~k u r e n o~

Kureno had turned around at the door to the classroom when he noticed Yume wasn't with them yet, and looked back to watch as she descended the steps, her gaze on Professor Stein so that she didn't notice when she all but ran into another classmate of theirs, Asami. Kureno's eyebrows unintentionally raised as he saw Yume's face heat up a bit during her somewhat one-sided conversation with the other girl. He swallowed down something unpleasant, and nodded to Asami as she passed by him out of the classroom so he could wait for his partner as she met him at the doors. "Who's your new friend?" he asked, jutting his chin pointedly after Asami, keeping his voice light and joking. He felt that he and Yume were in a fairly decent place right now, even after his and his friends' escapade in the bar the other week. Which he couldn't say he regretted. Regardless, it had been fun just hanging out with Yume these past few weeks, watching movies and playing games together. The two partners headed down the hall to catch up with their friends, who were no doubt long gone at their favourite lunch table, hopefully not making too much of a racket already. He found himself actually excited for their next soul resonance session, hoping that he could do even better this time.
"Ready for soul resonance practise?" he nudged her arm with his elbow, smiling.
They'd had quite a few good conversations since their last attempt, so he felt hopeful and tried not to be too confident about what he hoped would be a much smoother session than last time. Then, maybe, they could finally start taking missions together and he could help make her the strongest weapon in DWMA to date!

((heckin short, ik, but i didn't konw exactly where you wanted to go with this so !!!! take hte wheel my dude [jesus take the wheeeel]))
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Soul Resonance, Let's Go!
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