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 Yume ; Weapon

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PostSubject: Yume ; Weapon   Yume ; Weapon EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 11:20 pm

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Name: Yume ("Yoomee")
Nickname: N/A
Birthday: July 25 (Leo)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Class: Graduated to EAT for being well-advanced in the NOT class.
Weapon/Meister partner: Kureno

Stature: Yume is taller than most girls her age and even some guys. Her musical history shapes how she presents herself in public; she stands tall with shoulders back, as she normally has to do when she is playing her violin or other instruments. Pretty skinny, but not quite like a stick. Has some curves on her torso and thighs.
Hair: Golden blonde, very close to the color of honey. Has a bob haircut and often goes to a barber to keep her hair at the length she likes it.
Skin: Pretty pale with the slightest tan. Normally uses the third darkest shade of concealer.
Eyes: A stunning deep green that still shines in the bright light.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Anywhere between 120 and 130 lbs at any given times, depending on Yume's diet at that time.
Typical clothing style: About 90% of the time, Yume can be found wearing a pair of leggings (a lot of the time she wears her favorite black and white leggings) with a t-shirt that depicts either a band or TV show of her liking, and a pair of converse. Certain days, she will be feeling fancy and decide to wear a dress with flats. Doesn't really feel the need to buy the designer brands clothing. Has 2 lobe piercings on each ear and an industrial on her right ear.

Kin: Doesn't have any parents or siblings in her life currently (see History below)
Eyes on: Yume kind of-sort of-more-or-less has a crush on Soul. Meaning, she really likes him. She never really had a crush on any boy before, so the feeling was almost new to her. She never really received love from anyone before, except from the Inn-keepers. All day at school, and even when Yume hangs out after school, she can keep it hidden that she like him- and she does it very well.
But Yume really, really wishes that he felt the same way too. They are pretty close buddies anyway- so she thinks telling him wouldn't do any good, just make everything awkward. But just spending time with him makes her happy, and that's good enough for now.
Pets: Has an orange hamster named Firestar.

Abilities: Since Yume is a weapon, she can transform into a scythe. But, when she really puts her mind to it, she can shift into anything so far, counting a sword, knife, any gun, even a bow and arrow! There are almost no limitations on what she can turn into. Yume can also play her instruments in the weapon state.
She can transform her arm or any body part to whatever weapon she wants to use, but, just because she's a weapon, that doesn't mean you didn't have the qualities of a meister. She can sense other souls, but it’s very faint to her because she's a weapon. But Yume is still able to sense it, and is getting very good at it. She is very powerful for a weapon.
Soul: Her soul is a very deep and dark red, with black streaks. This is symbolizing a very strong and stern soul, someone who still can hold themselves up after a lot of torture. Someone who still has room for love after lots of hate.
Personality: Yume is described as kind, nice, and super funny.  She have a nice smile, and a great laugh. She can play the piano, violin, flute, and drums. She's great at playing musical instruments, and it helps her soul resonate.
She reads notes fluently, and the music she plays makes everyone happy, sad, or however she wanted to play it. She can be very social, but playing music is just her. Sound is Yume's way of expressing herself, and no one questions it. She likes to carry her violin around, only because you don't have a portable piano, and it is her favorite instrument to play.
Because of Yume's tragic past, she feels the need to protect everyone and do everything on her own. She doesn't think she can experience the emotional trauma of losing another loved one again. Although she's very good at hiding the pain, this is a touchy subject and she has her moments of weakness so she does what she can to make sure everyone is out of harm’s will, but sometimes this only makes matters (especially for her) worse.
Also, Yume’s biggest turn-off is arrogant guys who think they can win anyone over with just their smile and that they feel that the world revolves around them.
History: When she was very young, Yume's family was a mess. Her father murdered her mother, but was able to get away with it. He was remarried, and her new step mother just happened to have five other brothers from three of her past husbands. Her brothers played roughly with each other, and were very spiteful to her.
They made fun of Yume's music, and the way she looked, even being a weapon. She hated them, and so she ran away at the age of seven. She ended up at this small city, so small that everyone knew each other. She met an inn-keeper and his wife, and after hearing her story, they agreed to let Yume stay with them. The wife couldn't have a child, and wanted a daughter an awful lot- so that's just what she became to her. They acted like Yume's parents, so much that she actually called them Mom and Dad.
One day, when she were thirteen, Yume was working in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes when she heard a loud thud. She heard screaming, and panicked noises. Being the weapon that she is, Yume shifted her arm into a sharp blade, at her elbow, and then ran toward the noises. It led her to the main dining room, where she saw her parents' bodies on the floor, with dark pools of blood leaking from open wounds. She were furious, sad, and terrified all at the same time. Yume glanced up, and there was a strange-looking body of a human, crawling on the floor, eating red orbs.
Yume had read in a book before the incident that it must have been a kishin, and he was eating her parents' souls. She unleashed all her fury onto him, and he died along with Yume's parents. Later, she looked for a new place to live. She wandered outside of town, and saw two kids her age arguing with each other. To quickly summarize it, it was Maka and Soul.
They fought over location of where the kishin could be. Soul said it was in the city, and Maka stated that it must be gone by now, that they should check somewhere else. Being the person that Yume is, she told them everything that just happened. After investigating it, the partners decided to take her to the school- obviously, she had pretty good skills and powers. Ever since, Yume has been ever-so-grateful for this new home.
Other: At school, Yume get straight A’s. She doesn't really need to study, after all, she has a photographic memory. That's what helps her memorize sheet music. She hangs out with the same group, Soul, Maka, Death the kid, Liz, Patty, Black Star, and Tsubaski.
Yume sits between Soul and Kid. She's one of Stein’s favorite students, so she's always up in front of the class, demonstrating one of Professor Stein's theories on the soul wave length. School is very fun for her, especially since she always beats anyone who challenges her to a fight.
Yume has a roommate but they are not the best of friends. They are usually on good terms with each other, but that's the extent of their relationship (Yume didn't get to choose her roommate since she lives in a dorm). Her roommate has a very similar personality to Blackstar, so they often are challenging each other to a race or battle, or just simply hanging out. Which works out for Yume; more peace and quiet for her to practice her instruments!
Since Yume is often practicing her music and being stationary while doing it, she does her best to keep a healthy diet going but it doesn't always work out the way she wants it to. She shamefully keeps a decent amount of unhealthy snacks in her room and whenever she is upset or mad about something, that's her go-to mood healer.

What the characters think:
Death: A great weapon! It won't be long until she becomes one of my elite weapons.
Death the Kid: Very talented, my father is very proud of her.
Dr. Stein: A star student, no doubt. A strong soul: especially for a weapon.
Spirit: My Maka and her will get along just fine! It’s not every day that a girl like her will become friends worth your daughter.
Maka: Soul seems to like her, but I can feel that something is up with her . .
Soul: She’s talented at the piano, she plays it perfectly. *Almost blushes*
Blackstar: She’s cool, but it’s not like she'll ever surpass me.
Tsubaski: Blackstar won't admit it, but she could totally beat him in a fight if she wanted to.
Liz: She’s smart, good at playing instruments, too.
Patty: She’s pretty!
Crona: She plays wonderful music..." />[/center]
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Yume ; Weapon
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