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 Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister

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Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister Konachancom-71425brown_eyesbrown_hairhibari_kyouyakatekyou_hitman_rebornmaleshort_hair1Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister Smile-anime-guys-12082279-850-1002_zps8aae0553 Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister Fcb836c0dad94583df7b86cd346aa0fe Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister Aa8147f0d99c8466ac2abdaedab54d1f

Name: Kureno Hanuraichi       ((given name, surname))
Nickname: Kure (pronounced kinda like "koo-ray")
Birthday: January 14th (Capricorn).
Gender: male.
Age: 16 years old.
Class: he started out in NOT, but is fairly advanced for an NOT student. he graduated to EAT quickly.
Weapon/Meister partner: his partner will be the weapon Yume.

Stature: being fairly tall for his age, he still has a quite skinny form. however, he does have a lean but quite strong musculature, so do not underestimate his stature in relation to his strength. he carries himself proudly and easily, with shoulders gently back and head held high. he has an air of aloofness, as if everything he does is easy and smooth.
Hair: he has surprisingly soft, dark hair that is sort of messy and falls in front of his face.
Skin: very fair-skinned, but does have a little bit of colour to him (he's not too ridiculously pale). if/when Kureno is embarrassed or angry and his face flushes, the paleness of his skin almost accents the rosy-red tint of his cheeks (something that he absolutely hates).
Eyes: Kureno has very pale grey eyes, contrasting greatly with his dark image, with just the slightest streaks of ice blue in the right light. he also has slightly long eyelashes for a boy, but if anything they only accent his ghostly eyes more.
Height: 5 feet and 10 inches tall.
Weight: usually somewhere around 115 lbs.
Typical clothing style: Kureno seems to favour dark colours no matter what the weather, but he does own a few coloured clothing pieces. he has fairly fancy clothing--nothing billionaire-worthy, but definitely more than a few things that are dry-clean-only. he usually favours his long-sleeved shirts or nice button-up shirts, of which he has various shades of various colours (mostly darker purples, blues, reds, greys, blacks, and a few white); he at times wears ties as well. he often wears his long, fairly thick dark coat, especially in winter--and often with a scarf as well as sometimes accompanied by leather gloves; or in the warmer months he favours a slightly-overlarge black jacket that he often wears with the hood up. the buttons on the pockets of his long coat are DWMA skulls, and the zipper of his hoodie is also one. he also has DWMA skull cufflinks, but he doesn't use them too often. he almost always wears black, grey, or dark blue long jean pants and nice but comfortable black shoes. he has glasses that he wears sometimes, but he doesn't need them to see really at all--he mostly wears them for studying because his eyes don't seem to get as tired staring at small textbook print when he has them on than when he doesn't have his spectacles.

Kin: unknown parents--was abandoned as a young child. ran away from orphanage when he was somewhere around 10 or 12 years old. if he has any siblings or whatnot, he doesn't know them.
Orientation: he's pretty sure he's bisexual, or at least biromantic, but tends to prefer female partners when it comes to relationships.
Eyes on: Kureno has a fairly large crush on Death the Kid, as he was the one who found him and helped him through a hard time, partly by aiding the young boy to enroll as well in DWMA. he will later fall for his soon-to-be partner, Yume, though he of course would never admit that.
Pets: ---

Abilities: he is capable of perception, being able to search for and identify soul wavelengths to a point. he is almost able to generate enough energy to fight with on his own without a Weapon, but even without the aid of a weapon or his soul energy, he is still a more-than-capable fighter most of the time. Kureno is quite quick on his feet, preferring a very smooth style of fighting that utilizes his confident air well with his precision and determination melting into the constantly-calm and cool expression he wears when battling even the toughest enemies. he mostly uses a combination of street-fighting and martial arts to take down his enemies on his own. Kureno also owns a skateboard, though he doesn't use it too often.
Soul: though it is a bit ragged on the edges, he has a pretty gigantic soul, and that's almost an understatement. it is indigo-purple with pale grey accents. symbolizes strength through hardship, sophistication and intelligence, remorse and wisdom; even love--though it is buried deep.
Personality: Kureno puts on a quite convincing air of an arrogant, know-it-all, pompous young man. he is quite attractive, and although he is vaguely aware of this fact, that is one of the things he doesn't really flaunt. he is fairly powerful, but he is not exactly obnoxious about his strength--still, he does have a good amount of 'enemies' at DWMA--partly because he is quite rude, but also because there are those (mostly boys his age) who are jealous of the attention he gets from being as good as he is, as well as the attention he garners from some of the girls. he doesn't really understand why they try though, as he almost always brushes off any attempts at flirting. he is looked up to by some underclassmen and a few of his peers for his abilities, but there are also a good amount of people who dislike him for his attitude and such.
History: when he was young, Kureno had a weapon partner in a separate school. his partner was extremely strong, and so they were able to quickly gather souls. one night they were out searching, and his partner urged Kureno that a young girl was in fact a kishin. Kureno knew something felt wrong, and had for a while; but as they cornered the girl, although Kureno tried to fight it, his weapon became too heavy in his hands all of a sudden and he could do nothing as the girl's life was wrenched away. it turned out all along that his weapon had been a rouge kishin, had been fooling Kureno so that he could consume innocent souls and further the contamination of his own. he had always been instructed to terminate the lives of kishins when able, and so Kureno did the only thing he felt he could do. his weapon partner was never heard from again, but his schoolmaster understood why Kureno did it. he fled, alone in his ever-darkening world, until he was found on the outskirts of Death City by none other than Lord Death's son. he has never told anyone of his past, and some he has never even been able to accept himself...there is such guilt and hurt in his past, but he covers it up as best he can, still running even now.
Other: he doesn't tend to eat that much (honestly he forgets a lot, same with sleeping), and because of this, the weekly allowance from the DWMA for it's students is usually saved for him. that is the main reason he can afford fancier clothes and other such things as well-off as he can, because otherwise he wouldn't have much. he lives on his own, having saved up enough to get a small apartment for himself in Death City. To save up enough money for rent, he has to cook for himself at least one week per month. Although he doesn't exactly enjoy cooking, he doesn't really mind it either. Sometimes he entertains the thought of getting a roommate, but he thinks himself a hard guy to find a flatshare for. in school, Kureno's a straight A student, and he's very good in his studies. he wants to try to prove his old partner wrong, that he's not stupid. he sits between Kid and Crona. he is in Professor Stein's class, and he doesn't like to brag but he may be one of Stein's star students. sometimes he'll be tempted to test Kureno because of  strength, but the boy usually still meets challenges with relative ease. so as said, he does get very good grades in school usually--not like mastermind good, but he might be considered a genius if you asked the right people. if you asked other people, his name would probably be accompanied by a string of curse words, or perhaps swooning and squealing. he is just that kind of guy. In his past, Kureno had taken up smoking and a small amount of street drugs, but nothing to totally send him off the rails. If anyone is aware of this, they now know that when he met Kid and got enrolled in the DWMA, he put an end to his fairly short-lived habits. As far as anyone else is concerned, that is.

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Kureno Hanuraichi ; Meister
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