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PostSubject: Character List   Character List EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 12:04 am

New Character Bio

Physical Age:
Gender: (if preferred gender is different from biological or any other such things, specify if you feel you should)
Orientation: (referring to a preferred relationship partner; optional; alternatively you could put this in 'Other' if you want)
Species Specifics:
Usual Clothing:
Other: (you could put your Alignment in regards to The Movement here)

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PostSubject: Re: Character List   Character List EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 12:13 am

Character List 54526
Character List Largehiju
Name: Era Kazumi (likes being called by either, but usually introduces herself as Kazumi)
Physical Age: somewhere between 12 and 15 years old
Gender: female
Orientation: 'meh'. she's never really put much thought into it.
Species: Elemental
Species Specifics: Harnesses the elements of Air and Electricity
Build: Petite girl, looks young for her age; small breasts but compared with the size of her body they appear pretty average, if a bit small; heart shaped face with large eyes, thin lips, and small nose.
Hair: Long, silvery-white hair with front forehead bangs. Her hair is often adorned with black ribbon or with flowers woven in.
Eyes: grey, though sometimes when she uses electricity they appear to have dashes of icy blue as well.
Skin: very fair, pale skinned.
Usual Clothing: usually either in floral, light dresses or in steampunk-style garb.
Personality: Very quiet and cute, plays up the little-girl physique and is quite bubbly and happy as a young girl. She can also be quite somber at times, and can become a lot more drawn in. When she's mad or preparing to fight, her expressions all but melt from her face into quite a blank emotion. When like this, she is utterly merciless and cutthroat. Still, this is a rare occurrence, as she's quite the joyous girl, and there is nothing brighter than her infectious smile.
Background: She doesn't really remember her parents; she's been on her own as long as she can remember, and she's perfectly happy that way. Although she has the appearance of a child, she is more than capable of taking care of herself.
Other: In accordance with her natural element affinity, Air, she is an easygoing type of person, especially in issues she feels don't very directly change her or her life. Therefore, on The Movement, she doesn't particularly care one way or the other. She likes being able to go where she wants and do what she wants, and often she gets tired of all the boring fighting. That's not to say she couldn't participate if she wanted--but for now she just floats on the sidelines, pouting at the hostile goings-on.

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PostSubject: Re: Character List   Character List EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 10:35 pm

Name: Andria Anderson
Physical Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: Hasn't really thought about it
Species: Elemental
Species Specifics: Earth and nature in general (plants and rocks)
Build: She is pretty slim, but she is sturdy physically.
Hair: a dark brown with lighter brown on the ends of her hair in some lighting.
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: light white skin
Usual Clothing: jeans and plain t-shirts. pretty average and normal. She keeps in pretty comfy clothing so she can manipulate the elements and move around easier.
Personality: She has a bit of a rebellious attitude. She doesn't like being told what to do and pretty much does whatever she wants. She only listens to people she respects and likes.
Background: Her parents died a while ago in the battle between the people for the movement and against it. Andria was 12 when this happened. She was a little torn up when it happen, but she took it better than most people would. She was never really close to them, so she has been living on her own since then.
Other: Alignment wise, she doesn't know where she stands in the movement. Her parents were against the movement, but she hasn't decided which side is the correct side for her.




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Character List
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