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 supernatural ideas/discussion

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PostSubject: supernatural ideas/discussion   supernatural ideas/discussion EmptyWed Mar 18, 2015 9:39 pm

Creatures List (wip)
-vampires (think Vampire Diaries vampires, with superhuman speed and strength as well as powers of compulsion and obviously thirst for blood; can survive on animal blood but leaves them weaker; if they are starved of blood they will, eventually, be reduced to living corpses; when feeding: fangs obviously potrude from their mouths; whites of eyes gain a bloody colour and the veins surrounding their eyes also run red; for some vampires however, the above does not happen and instead, when feeding, their eyes will change colour [similar to how there are different 'breeds' of werewolves, there are also different 'breeds' of vampires, and sometimes the eye colour will shift as well DEPENDING ON the level of control the vampire has upon their hunger, so in a way it is different from vamp to vamp]
-werewolves (there are different appearances of werewolves, can vary from HarryPotter style to VampireDiaries style; werewolves can complete a ritual to augment an object of their choosing that, if worn while in wolf form, allows the werewolf to keep it's human mind [basically so they don't go on rampages, but if the object gets broken or stolen obviously the effect reverses, and the werewolves can also choose to not create the object]; werewolves are able to shift between full moon phases with practise, but depending on the length and frequency of shifts not on the full moon, they will become varying degrees of ill after their next full moon shift; werewolves suffer a mandatory full moon shift, and there is no way to escape it but death)
-elementals (those who control the elements; elementals can have control over more than one element, though most have a natural affinity for one specifically; if an elemental controls more than one element, their forces are in general a bit weaker than those elementals who specialise in that single element; elementals are born with an affinity for a specific element)
-shapeshifters (creatures who can shed their skin and become any creature they desire)
-incorporeal beings (beings who do not have a material body, have the ability to make their form incorporeal, or their true form exists in a different dimension; basically like ghosts)
-humans/possessed human/demons (demons are obviously the souls of those sent to hell who have broken under the strain of the horrors they have witnessed and thus lost all humanity they once held; can possess human vessels if they can crawl their way out of hell's gates)
-changelings (changelings take the place of children who have been stolen away by faeries or other creatures, and have the outward appearance of the child they are replacing; they feed on the parents; true appearance is discoloured slimy skin, hollow eyes, round mouth with many teeth; true appearance can only be seen by reflection of a mirror)
-hellhounds (demonic pitbulls from hell; usually controlled by demons and the like)
-reapers (creatures only able to be seen by the one they are after; reapers are sent to take the souls of those who have run out of time in the material world; it is possible to control a reaper with specific rituals, but if the reaper breaks free, do not expect to get away with your soul)
-rugarus (though they start out seeming like regular humans, rugaru's develop an increased appetite and eventually a strong taste for the flesh of humankind; once the rugaru consumes the flesh of a human the transformation is permanent and the creature loses it's humanity as well as many appearance qualities of humans and becomes more of a monstrosity; this hunger constantly grows; usually a genetic affliction)
-succubus/inccubus (human-like beings who feed off sexual desire and intimacy; many have a compulsion ability similar to VD vampires; actual intimacy is more powerful than merely feeding off sexual desire; they have bat-like wings that can be kept hidden that sprout from their backs)
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supernatural ideas/discussion
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